More Clarity

Who are we? What do we do? What distinguishes us? What are our intentions?

Let’s start with what we do.

In terms of our GLOBAL and PERSONAL vision, we help people and professionals live significant and meaningful lives. We do this by accessing wisdom primarily from their bodies. As a result, they take effective and empowered action that makes a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this.

As far as our programs go, the above definition not only helps us get clear on WHAT we do, but also on HOW we do it. What we do is more education than training. Training implies following a protocol – a set of processes and procedures – in a step-by-step fashion. Training is important for learning certain procedures, but education is necessary when dealing with complex and ever-changing variables. Navigating life requires making smart, effective decisions.

Education means tapping into inner wisdom and making decisions based on skill, knowledge, and experience. It also means having the capacity to discern meaning, to source one’s truth, to act authentically, and to make connections.

These abilities are better developed through education than through training (see my article in a recent issue of the IAYT Journal on this topic). Essentially, we want people to become empowered to change their lives and unleash the power and creativity of their spirits.

To do this, we need to be focused on the present and future rather than on the past. Instead of spending our time analyzing the past, we should discover what’s happening now, and use that knowledge to take definitive action in the future). This is one feature that distinguishes us from traditional talk therapy. We don’t need to rehash every detail of our pasts. We no longer use “regression” techniques with our clients. Everything changes, is in a constant state of change, and everything can and will change (derived from the yogic ideas inherent in the essence of Brahma and Siva, and also in the Buddhist characteristic of impermanence).

Note: This does not mean we should totally deny our past. We should accept it as a starting point, and then move on. In 2013, I began feeling uncomfortable with how those teaching or practicing our yoga therapy were taking clients into the past through various techniques. I believe this has no significant therapeutic value. Life is experienced in the “now”. While the “now” can be informed by one’s past, the present should be the primary focus. “Understanding,” while helpful, does not alone effect change, whereas a visceral experience in the “now” can facilitate release and new awareness in the body. Research and science are now confirming the veracity of this idea.

Since early 2014, our new graduates have successfully been proving the effectiveness of these techniques. They’re motivated to work hard, find success, and empower their clients.

As far as clients go, what distinguishes us from other yoga therapies is that we help people make remarkable, meaningful, and significant life changes. As a result, they live more authentic lives – sourced from their truth. We engage many different processes (as opposed to techniques) that are body-oriented, present-centered, and highly effective. They are delivered with skill and presence, from a place of deep attunement, high-level listening, and individual-response, without any judgment.

Our challenge as educators is to empower our students to become remarkable. We must hold that bar high for all who come to us. As part of the Phoenix Rising team, you too will become a remarkable educator. And as a team, we will support each other in doing what we do with excellence.

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