Connecting to your Inner Guidance

As another year comes to a close and a new year is upon us, it bring with it so many

opportunities. The opportunity for some of us to start fresh, to break away from bad habits, to

maybe even try something new. It’s like somebody hits a reset button and we get put back at the

starting block. Despite whatever happened to us in the past year, we have a clean slate as of

January 01st, but do we?


I personally don’t believe much in New Year’s resolutions, and haven’t made them in years. I do

however, create intentions, goals and affirmations for the year to come, but resolutions tend to

always be framed in the manner of “stop doing”, “change this”, “change that” or even impossible

goals that we cannot guarantee will ever come true. And when day 03 of a new year arrives, and

we haven’t yet started our new year’s resolutions we start to feel bad about ourselves and say,

ok, i’ll start tomorrow.

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But why do we wait until tomorrow, or the first day of the New Year, we have the ability to start

right now! Right this very second, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and let it fall out of your

mouth. Nice, now do it again.


Take a moment to really think about what you want in 2014, yes for sure you’d probably like to

lose a few pounds or get a new job or take a vacation, but what do you really want? In your heart,

what do you want? Will a few less pounds, a new job or a vacation fill your heart’s desire? Maybe

it will, but there is probably something bigger, something that you can do right now.


Now close your eyes again, take a deep breath in and let it fall out your mouth. Feel a smile come

across your face and feel yourself soften, let your breath fill your heart and create more softness.

Place a hand on your heart and one on your belly and feel your breath as it moves through you.


Now what is it that you want?


There is a part of us that always has the answers, that knows the answer to all of the questions

above and so many more. I remember the first time I took that opportunity to connect with that

part of myself, that inner knowing. I always knew that it was there, but never really took the time

to sit with it, to let it be my guide. To let it be my backup, my support and my heart. When I allow

the opportunity to connect to that intuitive part of myself I’m able to make the decisions that really

are the best for me. Although they may not always work out, they do work out in one way or



There is a moment in every day where we can “resolve” to be the person we want to be in 2014

or even just tomorrow. Don’t inundate yourself with big lofty goals that you want to accomplish by

tomorrow but rather take it one day at a time, what little piece can you do today that will make that

big lofty goal come true, whether its 6 months, 9 months or 2 years from now. All we can ever do

is one day at a time.


Reflect upon your day today, what stands out for you? How does this play a part in your life? Go

to that intuitive part of yourself and see what kind of wisdom you can find. Formulate yourself and

I or an I am statement and as you look forward, what can you do to remind yourself of this? What

would it be like to let that be enough?