Deep Gratitude to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Deep Gratitude to Phoenix Rising YogaTherapy

~ For not giving me the answers, for not giving me advise, for not telling me how to be, but for instead, teaching me how to find this all within myself.

~ For reminding me that I am my greatest teacher, and teaching me a way to tap into wisdom that is always with me, beneath what I perceive as struggle.

~ For acknowledging that what I perceive as dark, and what I perceive as light, and everything in- between, are all essential parts of my wholeness. For not dismissing aspects of my own personal experience as being invalid.

~ For being a constant source of support by holding a safe space, being patiently present, and unconditionally accepting.

~ For giving me room to be just as I am, without holding me up to an ideal of who you think I should be; for accepting me, and all my changes along the way.

~ For providing me with a practice that I can return to again and again to fulfill my own self-determined needs as a human, to strive for goodness, and to understand myself and my relationship to the world more clearly.

~ For indadvertedly giving me a constant goal to strive for, goals to make it back for more training, and personal goals to strive for within myself.

~ For providing me with tools to slow down, turn inward, and find a greater sense of clarity.

~ For space and silence. For more space and more silence. ~ For teaching me how to listen deeply with my whole body. ~ For giving me room to grow and for allowing me to unfold in my own time, even when I feel stuck. ~ For leading by example.

~ For letting me find my own way, into my posture, into my body, into my own wisdom, and into my own full expression of who I am in the present moment, and for who I imagine myself to be in the future.

~ For being a mirror for me to see myself more clearly.

~ For non-judgmental witnessing.

~ For providing me with an avenue to discover my ever-changing truths, and to set them into action in my daily life, helping me to live out my full potential.

~ For teaching me how to recognize that all I am grateful for in you, is a reflection of all I am grateful for in myself.

Sarah Bustamante

Phoenix Rising Yoga Teacher & Future Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner