In the Company of Others

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For the most part, learning new skills is a pretty solitary experience.  Not that you are all by yourself in an isolated environment, but in the true experience of learning, you are on your own.  It’s an experience that often requires you to face yourself – discovering and appreciating both limits and strengths.  Add to this the motivation that drives you to take up a particular training or academic program and the intention around how it will support your future desires, and you have opened the door to energetic stresses that can further separate you from others.

While this may seem a somewhat burdensome interpretation, I wonder if any part rings true for you.  Of course, there may certainly be laughter and lightheartedness in moments of moving through the learning process.  But the issue of how it fits into your life or the nature of your struggles and successes are the major elements of whatever personal journey you are on.  And that path is yours and yours alone.

Imagine being part of a learning atmosphere which provides support on many levels – not only in terms of learning the skills or information required.  This support is part of an overall design that models and fosters the ability to provide that same support to yourself after completing the training.   If this sounds appealing to you, consider looking into Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy ( training programs.

One major aspect of learning in this setting is the way feedback is offered to students.  It’s not the boot camp variety, and it’s not sugar-coated.  It’s direct but always given using words and affect that appreciate the student’s efforts.  In addition to identifying what works and what doesn’t in what the student is doing, attention is paid to the motivation and intention behind the student’s actions.

The outcome is that the student learns how to be successful with the process of learning and knows how to continue working this process after completion of the program.  It’s kind of like “continuing education” but tailored personally for you in real time.

And the very best part of completing a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training is that you become part of a living, breathing community of practitioners.  You are connected to others in ways that offer the same kind of support available during the course of the training programs.  This connection is achieved partly through online media, phone and email.  You are then part of a network where you can choose to set up a skype call and confer with another practitioner.  Or you can ask questions or post comments or share insights within a private group on Facebook.

There is an amazing International Journal of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy ( that ties you to the professional community and offers online learning opportunities and skills training.  Increasingly available as well are local gatherings, often called Practice Days, where you can connect with other practitioners, teachers, group facilitators and students to share what’s happening with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy out in the world beyond certification.  These connections within the PRYT community mean that the original learning experiences with Phoenix Rising programs may be the first steps in building long term support as you move forward in your life – both personally and professionally.  How absolutely exciting is that!!

Carol Capper MS, OTR/L
Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner
Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Teacher
Assistant Program Manager for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy