Life with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

From my first yoga class I experienced the connection between my body and my emotions. The instructor was trained in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and she invited an attitude of acceptance of whatever I was experiencing. Years into my yoga practice I felt the calling to learn this skill, to teach others the value of self-acceptance and affirming ones own truth just as it is.

Before Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Whoa! Life was hard! A constant up and down of looking for affirmation and approval from others, being tossed around by my own emotional reactions to everything around me, and trying to please others to get my emotional needs met.

My own yoga practice drew me to share, to give away what I found on the mat. Teaching yoga was not a step I wanted to make at the time, and the one to one client contact seemed like a great way to deepen my understanding of the work and to serve others in the process.

Having done multiple trainings with Phoenix Rising, I can say overall the acceptance and support of the staff and instructors was phenomenal in all the courses. The work itself is infused in the training and thus I was able to experience a unique training that was centered around me. Additionally, I learned to incorporate the tools of mindfulness, self-reflection, and integration into my own life, to support my own growth and allow my life to unfold.

Midway through the Level 3 training a serious health issue was uncovered, addressed. The ensuing healing process in my body and mind deepened my understanding of how difficult it can be to be sick and work toward change and progress. It took some time, and patience, and many baby steps but as I grew healthier and stronger the rest of the certification process supported my efforts. I have the chance to live life with more vigor and went on to do additional training, first PRYT’s teacher training and then on to GFT. I’ve extended my training to include another 200 hr teacher training and Thai Yoga Massage.

I now teach yoga regularly and see private clients at a sweet boutique yoga studio. I also teach at a local center for women in recovery from drugs and alcohol abuse. I feel great in my body and I have a sense finally of feeling actualized in my dreams of working with others, giving back what I learned along my path. I’m so happy with the person I’ve grown to become.


~Malinda Romine, a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Phoenix Rising Yoga Teacher, and Group Facilitator. For more information on Malinda, please visit her website at