Social Media … the Phoenix Rising Way

We live in the instant age of connection and communication. There are tweets, e-mail, blogs, posts, websites, search engines, links and more. We talk with texts, instant messaging, Facetime, Skype or even the old fashioned way via a land line. We search the web for facts, information and knowledge and with the click of a button we can retrieve, store or transmit that information. How wonderful to live now and benefit from our amazing technology. It’s remarkable, but it’s external.  We receive this information from outside of ourselves.  There are times when we want and need this way of communicating, connecting and gathering information. There are times when it’s necessary to track down facts, getting acknowledgment and validation from that which is outside of us.

Then there are the times when it serves us to look for information, guidance and wisdom from an internal and embodied perspective. What does that mean and what would that look like? Explore embodied connection and communication inside of yourself the Phoenix Rising way. Try the following exercise:

“Find an easeful way to sit and let your eyes close. Take a big breath of air in through your nose and let it drop out of your mouth. Take some time to let your breath be your anchor and allow your breath to take you inside. What’s happening now? Follow your breath in and out, notice what information your breath holds for you right now. No need to fix or change your breath in any way…….

Take another one of those breaths in through your nose and as the air falls out of your mouth shift your focus and place it onto your physical body. Start at your feet and allow your awareness to move up your body, scanning all parts of you…… feet, legs, midsection, torso, arms and your head. What did you notice? What parts of your body do you notice the most? What parts of your body do you notice the least? Tell yourself more about what you are noticing. When this feels finished…….

Take another breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Shift your focus again and place your attention on what is going on in your life right now. What’s happening now as you consider your life circumstances? Perhaps you’ll notice thoughts and feelings as you take time to check in with work, play, family, relationships and all the parts of your life. Stay here as long as you need or want to……

Another breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take some time to gather up all the information you’ve just received from your body. Take some time to consider what you noticed and became aware of. Take another big breath in and let it go.

Now, gather up everything you’ve noticed during this exercise. Take the information you’ve received from your body, from inside of you and use this information in a way that serves you best for the rest of your day. ”

Congratulations!!! You’ve just connected and linked into yourself. You’ve experienced social media the Phoenix Rising Way.