5 Ways to Engage Powerful Life Transitions at the Fall Equinox

This is a time of year when we can drag ourselves reluctantly away from the external enjoyment of summer fun and face the inward focus of the less exciting months ahead.  Or we can embrace it powerfully and use this transition as a time for a realignment of our lives with more fulfilling outcomes.

In my latest blog post, I offer five ways of doing this.  I’m also leading a ninety-minute webinar on Sunday, September 18th, at noon EST to engage and explore the body/mind processes that will support this powerful transition.

Blog – The Fall Equinox and Turning Inward – Five Ways to Help the Transition

Webinar – Powerful Transitions at the Fall Equinox – A 90 min webinar live online with Michael Lee

(note webinar will be recorded, and all registered participants will have access)