Welcome home to your body, the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Way

“It’s also helpful to realize that this very body, that we have, that’s sitting right here, right now……. with its aches and pleasures……. is exactly what we need to be fully human, fully aware, and fully alive.” …….Pema Chodron 

 Some part of us, big or small is invested in the concept of home. Home might be a brick and mortar building, home might be a geographic location, home might be a state of being, home might be a feeling or thought, home might be connected to people, memories, images or imagination of what’s yet to come. Home is not a one size fits all, is it?



Take a look at your physical body. What does it look like, what does it feel like, what is your experience of being in your body? What does it even mean to “be in your body?” Do you see your body as pieces and parts of you or do you view your body as an integrated unit? Do you consider your thoughts, or feelings to be all of you? Does your body feel welcoming or not?  Your body is not a one size fits all, is it?

Are you “at home” in your body? What happens for you when you sit quietly and go within? What happens for you when you listen to what your body is saying? Can you hear it?  What would it be like to experience a modality that welcomes you to come home to the wisdom and knowledge of your body? A modality that doesn’t try to fix you or change you or tell you that you need to be a certain way in the world, but invites you to learn about yourself from an inside out perspective. A modality that is one size fits……. all of your experiences in your body. Phoenix Rising is a modality that supports your version of home in your body; however that shows up for you.

Our bodies hold us. They contain, nourish and sustain us. And, they fail us. They offer us innumerable ways to dive in, or tiptoe into our experience of what it means to be human and alive and in a physical body. They are our best and brightest chances of understanding what it means to be fully alive, and fully present in the moment. They beckon and call us: come home, come play, come explore, come discover, come uncover. We are here for you.

Next time you’re looking for home…. Open to your body and welcome yourself home.


By Jaunie Federowicz