Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Our newly refined 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings have opened ways for our trained teachers to offer a variety of classes – ranging from Basics and Intermediate to Advanced classes.  And all use the Phoenix Rising approach – a focus on integrating the yoga class experience with the student’s life experience and using yoga as vehicle for deepening awareness that supports one in living a more authentic and meaningful life.  Students learn how to lead “theme based” classes and also learn to distinguish between the yoga teacher as an “instructor” and as an “educator.”

Our unique focus on therapeutic yoga is now being widely supported by recent research.  “Embodied Mindfulness” is one of the factors that has been found to support people in dealing more effectively with trauma recovery and healing during and after major treatments.  It also helps empower recipients in managing their self-care and more effectively managing their lives.  Our therapeutic approach to teaching yoga is also “trauma informed” and appropriate in a variety of therapeutic settings.

Click for Michael's video about our training tracks

Michael Lee explains our training tracks.

In this 18 minute video Michael gives an overview of the training as well as the required courses for each certification path.

We offer 2 Programs for Yoga Teacher Certification (Yoga Alliance Approved):

200 hr

300 hr Bridge

All Yoga Teacher Certification Programs Start with Phoenix Rising Essentials (Level 1) to be followed by Teacher Training Module A: Dual Process and Teacher Training Module B: Themes. Modules A & B are always scheduled so that they may be taken as a unit. It is sometimes possible to take all three courses at one time.

Those three courses are the Core Required Curriculum for both Yoga Teacher Programs (and complete a 200 hr Certification). Once you have completed your core curriculum, you may choose from our selection of courses to create a customized set of electives to meet your professional goals, within the required categories and hours remaining to complete your Certification Program.

An experienced and understanding staff member is available to help you design your study. Visit the Training Schedule for upcoming opportunities or

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If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 288-YOGA(9642) or (802) 453-6444.