Checking In, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Style

It turns out that there’s a nail polish color called “Check Up.”  A lovely shade of pink and it ended up on my fingernails during a recent manicure/self-care appointment.  More interesting than the name was my mental activity around it. Checkup led me toward checking in, which lead me in the direction of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. I noticed my thoughts considering all aspects of self-care and the forms it can take.

I try to take good care of all parts of myself. When I am practicing self–care on a regular basis I notice the benefits…. more energy, less stress and increased ability to move through my daily life without needing large amounts of chocolate. Receiving a one on one Phoenix Rising yoga therapy session, taking a Phoenix Rising yoga class, enrolling in a Phoenix Rising stress reduction group or signing up for a Phoenix Rising training are all ways to experience another way of taking care of and checking in with yourself. For me, it’s self-care from the inside out. It’s receiving information, useful information that helps inform the choices I make in my life, especially those around self-care and in considering how I need to be taking care of myself.

Consider this concept of taking care of you and learning about yourself from the inside out. Consider that we all carry within ourselves wisdom, knowledge and inherent ability for knowing how to navigate our lives. Consider that an embodied experience (like Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy) offers an invitation and a process to observe, access and experience our internal landscape……. the ability to check-in (literally).

What might you observe, notice and receive from yourself? How might your experience contribute towards a greater awareness and understanding of you?  Imagine; all of this, just from checking in.

Checking in, Phoenix Rising style, give it a try!

P.S. Pink nail polish optional