Follow Your Dharma

My colleague Stephen Cope in his recent book, “The Great Work of Your Life” talks about dharma as “your life’s true purpose”.   To follow it, the question then becomes, what do we do at any given time in life to firstly know what your dharma is, and then, more significantly, take the action needed to manifest it – to live it out day to day.  It’s become easier for me, as the years have unfolded, to embrace this concept, to pay attention to it, and hopefully to put action to the idea on a daily basis.   This means being aware, using awareness to accept what is true for me and to make choices based on that truth in as many moments as I can in all my life decisions, large and small.

How many times in our lives do we make choices based not upon our truth, but on things like habit or convention, or maybe even culture.   This is neither right or wrong, but when we do so, are we aware that we are making those choices?  They are certainly always options and are sometimes appropriate but sometimes not?

I thought about this as I walked this morning and paused to make this 3 minute video to share some of my thoughts on this with you.  Part of my dharma is to offer ways for others to become more in touch with their truth so they might be better placed to live a more authentic and meaningful life.  I believe that Phoenix Rising Yoga and Yoga Therapy offer some of those ways and worth exploring if you haven’t yet.  It is also my dharma now, to shamelessly put forth that which I believe to be true, even if it feels a little “edgy” at times.