Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy

Mindfulness is hot right now.  So hot that it made the cover of Time Magazine.  This is great news for those of us who have believed for decades in the importance of focused mind-body awareness in doing life with balance and equanimity.

A peaceful mind is a beautiful thing but it doesn’t create itself.  Particularly in the world we have live in.  There is so much out there and so many gadgets to create the next moment that living in this moment is not something we readily embrace.  But for the sake of sanity we may need to find a way to be here now or we stand a good chance of losing ourselves in the pursuit of what’s next.

Meditation and the practice of mindfulness really work.  They are great tools for slowing us down and getting our brain in neutral for a bit.  If we engage our body as well we have a double whammy. So what about mindfulness AND yoga.   Believe it or not, our body is a great teacher.  Once it experiences something it rarely forgets.  Take it along for the ride as you practice slowing your breath and your mental activity and it will become a great reminder of those moments.

In a one on one Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session you can have it all.  This is not a commercial – but I guess it really is. I’m a Phoenix Rising groupie I guess.   But I’m really just truthfully wanting to say how it is.  In a PRYT session you connect with body, breath, thoughts, feelings, and a sense of yourself that you might not have experienced in a while.  All this is great stuff and well worth the time and money.  If you like the idea of mindfulness and want to take your body along for the ride – check out a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session with a certified practitioner!    It works!