IAYT_Accredited _final June 2014Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Program (900hr)

Tuition: $14,500-$16,000 depending on courses chosen (bundle discounts may be applicable)
 900 hours
Duration: Program may not be completed in less than 2 years; courses may be spread out over several years.

Prerequisites: 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from an accredited school. Concurrent Requirements: 1 year of yoga practice and 1 year of yoga teaching experience.
Application: Admittance to Level 3 of this training program requires an Application and Fee, as well as successful completion of both Phoenix Rising Essentials and Yoga Therapy Training Level 2 with faculty approval.

Accreditation: The PRYT 900 hr Training Program is accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. For more information, contact: www.iayt.org.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a body-mind approach to yoga therapy utilizing the concept of embodied mindfulness — which we have refined over 30 years in training over 1700 yoga therapists. The courses Phoenix Rising Essentials and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Level 2 and Level 3 are the core curricula of this program and will introduce you to the basic concepts, fundamental postures, and empathetic dialogue techniques required to practice the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy modality.

The nine-month Therapy Training Level 3 course consists of two residency periods – Orientation (7 days) and Midterm (7 days) – and a supervised practicum (9 months) practiced in each student’s home environment. Unique to this yoga therapy program is that you learn a discreet modality with established protocols that are transferable to a variety of populations, needs, and work environments. Students are assigned mentors who give feedback, guide studies and personal growth, and help students refine techniques. During the training, we focus on each student’s personal, as well as professional, development; we believe that the quality of the yoga therapy practitioner’s ability to achieve a profound level of presence is a key factor in how well a client benefits from a session.

Call to speak to an enrollment counselor to help you plan your program and select the courses, locations, and timing that is right for you. Our program has a flexible structure and can be adapted to your specific needs and interests and the population you wish to serve. All courses below (except where a choice is provided) are required for this Certification. The Core Curriculum is offered as residency courses, but several of the Advanced and Adjunct courses are low-residency, online, or practicum based.

First Year: PRYT 600

Second Year: Adjunct and Advanced Courses

Required Adjunct Course Curriculum
May be taken concurrently with core curriculum

Advanced Core Curriculum
GFT and LM require successful completion of Yoga Therapy Training Level 3.

  1. Group Facilitator Training (GFT) residential, online, and practicum OR Teacher Training Module B: Themes residential with practicum
  2. Life Mentoring (LM) online and practicum 
  3. Advanced Professional Specialty Practice (75 hours total required)
    The recommended combination to meet this requirement is the following two courses:

Transfer Credit

Due to the diversity of yoga and yoga therapy training programs PRYT cannot determine the value or applicability of previous training without careful investigation. It is the responsibility of the student applying for credit to provide documentation that validates the previous training meets the IAYT standards to which Phoenix Rising adheres. Transfer credit is currently only considered for Adjunct Courses and is only available for Yoga Therapy Certification Programs.

More details, with outlines of required competencies for each course, are available here: Transfer Credit Policies & Application.

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If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 288-YOGA(9642) or (802) 453-6444.