What is perfect?

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My yoga client has finished his private Phoenix Rising yoga class. His eyes open wide and grinning from ear to ear he says, “That was perfect, just what I needed.”  After class and during the remainder of the day his words continue to resonate and land within me.  This concept of perfect is one that I have been looking at with increasing frequency and curiosity in all parts of my life. His words sound and feel important and I want to hang onto them. I am imagining that they have a piece of information that I can use.

My question emerges. What is perfect? My current understanding of perfect revolves around the notion that perfect lies in the imperfect. My experiences tell me that imperfect holds space for potential, exploration, growth and adventure. A shift in perspective and experience tells me that the opposite of imperfect can be pretty incredible as well. I can think of many days that I deemed perfect and they were just as rich and held as much potential and adventure as days that were not perfect. OK, maybe this is not about perfect versus imperfect. I am open to the possibility that there is more here than I am taking into consideration.

Perhaps perfect lies more in a shift of perspective than it does in trying to label or define what is perfect. What if perfect was an in the moment, present awareness kind of thing? What would it be like for me to   examine perfect from that view point? As I hold this thought I begin to smile and then giggle with myself. I like this shift in perspective. I appreciate that I can consider perfect/imperfect as 2 sides of the same coin. It doesn’t have to be an either or thing, an all or nothing. It can be both!

My (for now) answer emerges. What is perfect? Right now I am playing with the thought that perfect might be right in front of me. It might be whatever the present moment is delivering to me. It might be embracing what is happening now. In this present moment it might be that I am receiving exactly what I need. That sounds pretty perfect to me.