Do you share our passion for making a difference in the world? As a practicing Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, you will help people tune into their inner wisdom using embodied presence and self-inquiry.  Combining the best  of ancient yogic wisdom with cutting edge contemporary dialogue techniques, our practitioners since we began in 1986, have helped thousands of people make a positive change in their lives, become more empowered, and achieve greater health and well being.

“All the faculty I’ve interacted with and connected to are absolutely amazing.”-  Caroline Schwartz

Using the Phoenix Rising Method, you will learn to guide clients safely to the edge of embodied sensation. Here, with awareness focused on those sensations, you will enter into dialogue with a focus on the present experience.  At this place where body and mind not only meet, but engage each other, you  help clients listen to their body’s wisdom — guided to listen without judgment, clients become empowered to let go of that “need to change” feeling. This creates the opening for deep acceptance and awareness that facilitates a gentle release of underlying charged emotions or beliefs that have often manifested into chronic aches and pains as well as stress and anxiety in their life.

We offer 3 Programs for Yoga Therapy Certification:

PRYT 900
(IAYT Accredited)

PRYT 600
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

PRYT 500
Mental Health Professional

All Yoga Therapy Certification Programs Start with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Essentials (Level 1), followed by Yoga Therapy Training Level 2 and Level 3.

Some Program tracks require adjunct courses, which we may also offer as stand alone courses without Prerequisites for yoga professionals and others. More information can be found on each Program’s page and in the sidebar to the right.

Required Courses per Program:










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