Michael’s 15 Minute Yoga Practice

I love to take an hour or longer every morning right after I get out of bed for my daily yoga practice and meditation.  I’m a regular and have been doing this almost daily since 1981.  But there are times when for some reason I don’t have the luxury of an hour or more.  So rather than skip, I do this little 15 minute routine instead.  It helps me get grounded for the day, get into by body, and get clear in mind and intention.  Try it.

  1. Jump around vigorously.  I go randomly wild for 2 minutes.  Any kind of body movement.  I’m trying to wake up my body in a hurry, get the blood flowing, get my breath flowing, and feel my whole being.
  2. Check In.  I slow down the movement gradually and come to complete stillness, usually standing.  I close my eyes and check-in to body, breath, feelings, sensations, thoughts, anything else.  I just notice “what’s happening  NOW?” and let go of any need to do anything about it.  Just what is, here now.  This takes me about 1 minute.
  3. Postures.  From a standing position I move my body sequentially into six postures.  One backbend, one forward bend, a side bend to each side, and one twist to each side.  I take my time, breathe into each posture, find the edge, and witness the experience.  Again, just what’s happening in that very moment.  Nothing more.   (about 5 minutes total). Not a complete yoga practice by any means but enough to remind my body to remember all the practice that has gone before and to switch in to supporting me through the day.NewHeadshot_002
  4. Check In again.  (same as #2 and about 1 minute)
  5. Meditate.  Sit comfortably with eyes closed and focus inwardly.  Just sit and notice.  Breathe and notice.  (3 minutes)
  6. Check in again.  (same as #2 and #4 and about 1 minute)
  7. Set intention for the day by asking myself “How do I want to show up in my life today?”.  Wait for answer to come from within. Then ask “What I am committed to creating in my life today and how do I intend to put that into action?”.   Wait for answer from within.   Feel it, sit with it a few moments.  Then take a deep clearing breath and get ready for whatever is next.   (about 2 minutes).


Total time:  15 minutes.       Total value:  Priceless.        Work Effectiveness for the day:  High.

People in my life:  Much happier

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