How to Change your Life with Sadhana

The Hindu concept of Sadhana is not something that can be described with absolute precision, because it is often different for each person who experiences it. One definition of Sadhana is given as spiritual practices or disciplines which lead to perfection, these being contemplation, asceticism, worship of a god, and correct living. Not aspiring to perfection or being a big worshipper, I tend to prefer the straightforward Wikipedia take on Sadhana, which is defined simply as: a means of accomplishing something. This means can include practices from a variety of disciplines in Hindu, Buddhist, Jain... Read The Rest →

Equanimity – An Awareness Break with Michael Lee

Yogi’s talk about Equanimity.  But what does it really mean and how do you get it into your life?   Although I’ve understood the concept for a long time and had moments when I’ve felt what I think it’s about, I’ve only recently began to understand how to practice awareness as a path to creating a state of equanimity.  Listen and watch as I share some of my thoughts around it.   Equanimity – Yogis talk about it. What is it and how do we get it? from Phoenix Rising Yoga... Read The Rest →

Happy and Meaningful Thanksgiving

Want to create a Happy and Meaningful Thanksgiving.  Here’s a practice that may help.   If there is one time in the year when both meaning and happiness can come together, this is the day. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude without any need for material giving – it’s just about giving thanks.  As philosopher Cicero wisely said some twenty-one centuries ago Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,  but the parent of all the others.  Did you know that it is almost impossible to be grateful and miserable at the same... Read The Rest →

Embodying the Dharma – Yoga Practice for Buddhist Teachings

Yoga and Buddhism have much in common and although they are two distinct paths there are lots of places of convergence.    In the past 50 years many yoga practitioners in the West are also followers of Buddhist practices and teachings.   Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, although rooted in the traditions and practice of yoga, is also a very pragmatic approach to life.  We do what works.  Practices and principles that we know from our experience are helpful to people in their quest to  live a more meaningful and authentic life are... Read The Rest →

Michael’s 15 Minute Yoga Practice

I love to take an hour or longer every morning right after I get out of bed for my daily yoga practice and meditation.  I’m a regular and have been doing this almost daily since 1981.  But there are times when for some reason I don’t have the luxury of an hour or more.  So rather than skip, I do this little 15 minute routine instead.  It helps me get grounded for the day, get into by body, and get clear in mind and intention.  Try it. Jump around vigorously. ... Read The Rest →

An Off the Mat Yoga Practice for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  I love this holiday.  If there is a contemporary holiday made for us yogis it’s this one.   It’s one of my favorites for sure, and a time to practice an attitude of gratitude.   It’s said that if you are ever stressed or worried and you want to break out of it in a hurry all you need do is think about a few things you are grateful for and the stress will disappear. How come then there is often so much angst around the actual day itself when... Read The Rest →