Valentines in a Bubble.

Valentines is nearly upon us. Here we are, celebrating yet another holiday after a challenging year like no other.   For some of us, these past 11 months may have been the biggest test of love we’ve ever had to endure. Put another way: how do you not lose your shit occasionally when your significant other […]

Love – A noun or a verb? Valentine’s reflections.

Love was in the air! Valentine’s Day came and went and we turned our thoughts toward love for a day, and perhaps, that someone our lives. I have a someone in my life that I’ve loved deeply for 32 years (my wife) and usually find the pressure of this day a little challenging.  Should I […]

Groundhog Day: Embracing transformation and change.

According to the Buddha, the three things that prolong suffering in life are greed, hate, and delusion. In my own experience, these are not that easy to shake. However, the Buddha offers us a way out of this suffering – the Eightfold Path. This hit home for me last night as I watched the movie, Groundhog […]

Yoga Therapy, Relationships, and Money!

Every morning  between six and seven-thirty you will find me out walking or jogging on quiet country back roads with my dog Lilly.  Some days I simply enjoy the quiet of the morning and my surroundings and as Lilly is deaf, I don’t have to talk much either.    On other days I listen to […]

Accepting Your Real Time Truth the Phoenix Rising Way

“Practicing acceptance does not mean that you are surrendering to the status quo & not going to change anything. It simply means you are accepting what is, a precondition to change.” ~ Michael Lee   Our truth changes. What is our reality one moment, may not be so the next. While we all know that […]