Love – A noun or a verb? Valentine’s reflections.

Love was in the air! Valentine’s Day came and went and we turned our thoughts toward love for a day, and perhaps, that someone our lives. I have a someone in my life that I’ve loved deeply for 32 years (my wife) and usually find the pressure of this day a little challenging.  Should I take her out to dinner? Buy her a dozen roses? Or, go big and take her to Paris for the weekend? I ask myself, “How do I express the depth and extent of this significant... Read The Rest →

Transform Your Black Friday Blues

Embrace the spirit behind it: 5 steps to transform Black Friday Blues. Black Friday is a great example of our culture on a detour that doesn’t take us where we want to go.  Originally, the day after Thanksgiving was the  annual celebration of the beginning of Christmas shopping season, offering the first “official” opportunity for retailers to display their holiday merchandise.   Honoring the non-commercial nature of Thanksgiving, merchants waited until it was over before promoting their Christmas wares.  The day represented the transition from a Day of Thanks following the end of... Read The Rest →

Beat the Black Friday Blues

A meaningful approach to gift giving…another practice for you to try   by Michael Lee – Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Thanksgiving is over and our in-boxes are bombarded with Black Friday opportunities that are, OH, so hard to resist. Bargains abound. But something about it just doesn’t sit quite right. My wife and I want to get all the gifts we need for the upcoming holiday season and its tempting to take advantage of bargains while they last. Know the feeling? Black Friday originally began as a day to celebrate the... Read The Rest →