Your Yoga Not Mine – From The Diary of a Yoga Teacher

This yoga teacher is done with going through the motions of asana practice. Asana practice alone is not enough. As a yoga teacher, I want to offer more than a flowing choreography and a good stretch.  Why are we doing what we do in a yoga posture?  How does it relate to our life away from the mat? Yoga can change life for the better right? Yoga is not just a band-aid for stress, and aches and pains, although it can be applied that way and that’s not so bad... Read The Rest →

On Teaching Yoga – 5 Ways to Keep Your Students Coming Back

1. Connect  We are tribal by nature.  We like to belong.  To belong we need to connect.   Be sure to connect with each student personally, let them know you appreciate them being there, get to know them as a person, their interests, what they are seeking from yoga, and their goals in life.   Accept them for who they are without giving advice.  Use email and social media to connect, not just to advertise. 2. Treat  your  students as adults and teach that way Most yoga teacher training programs do not... Read The Rest →