Happy Earth Day

 Is it impossible to connect more deeply with one’s inner being and not be more aware of the connections between one’s self and others and all forms of life and even non-living things? The more I have embraced my daily practice and engaged the process of liberation through the dharma, the more conscious I have become in many ways, including the Earth that is our home.  It seems like a process that is both gradual and at times instantaneous. 

In 1971 on his way home from the Moon, astronaut Edgar Mitchell had an instantaneous Sankalpa samadhi experience ( translated as “seeing things as they really are”).  As a result, he committed to working towards greater awareness and consciousness for all around the reality that we are all one and all connected to the Earth we inhabit.  Living in harmony with our environment is not only a way to support a healthier and happier life, it is in many ways essential to our continuing survival.  

Sara Tashker

This year, for Earth Day, I would like to share with you a talk by Ango Sara Tashker, who is the Director of Green Gulch Farm connected to the San Francisco Zen Center.  In this inspiring talk, she talks about cultivating a deep open mind as a way of living more in interdependence and wholeness.   Please listen to Sarah’s talk as a way to celebrate Earth Day and then please share your comments.   To what extent do you feel a resonance and maybe even visceral connection with the Earth?

Cultivating Soft Earth Mind with Ango Sara Tashker

You will hear Sara talk about the work that has been done at Green Gulch, an organic farm operated by the San Francisco Zen Center, and where Sara is the current director.  By donating you can directly support the initiative here to restore this land and develop mindful farming practices. Happy Earth Day. How are you celebrating the Earth today?

Make an Earth Day Donation to Green Gulch Farm