Beyond Myself

Where there is gratitude, there is joy, and desire is silent for a moment. It is in our human nature to worry and hold fear in our bodies in order to protect ourselves. When I meditate, I feel those worries and fears lift away for a few minutes. When I become fully present to my body and lose all judgement about my reality, I feel utter peace and gratitude. I breathe and feel grateful for life. I feel it in my body, not just my mind. I become lighter and my perspective broadens. I feel as though I can see myself from the sky, as a tiny part of something much bigger, as a part of infinity.

Earth, a place where everything and nothing matters at the same time. I also know, however, that this place I am in is just as much a creation of my own consciousness as it is an actual reality. The world as I see it is created through my senses. The smells, colors, sensations, sounds and vibrations… They are all created in my head and while they live outside my mind, I will never know simply how they are without looking through my own eyes. The closest I can get to that is by silencing my bias and myself. There’s a voice in my head that automatically has an opinion about everything, even subconsciously. When I turn that voice off, that is the closest I can get to the reality that exists beyond me.


Shannon Lee is an 18-year-old in her senior year at Berkshire School.  She has recently become interested in Buddhism and meditation and tries to enhance her life through practicing mindfulness and gratitude. She plans to study psychology and neuroscience and continue to engage practices to support her own awakening to be able to better serve others. 



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