Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy’s Foundation Series for Marketing, Business, and Professional Development: An Interview with Founder Kevin Sharpe

    After finishing my yoga teacher training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT), I must honestly say that beneath all the excitement of being a newly certified PRYT professional, lived a subtle level of doubt and intimidation that I had no choice but to confront, head on, if I was going to start teaching an approach to yoga that most of my community knew nothing about. In many ways, I felt like a baby bird being pushed from the safety and support of my training nest, and into the... Read The Rest →

Everyday Falling-Out Breaths: Reminders to Return you to your Phoenix Rising Yoga Practice

Take a deep inhalation in through your nose and let it fall out of your open mouth with a sigh or a sound. What do you notice? How do you feel after each exhale?   What is called a sigh in everyday life is what we refer to as a falling-out breath in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and many of the reasons we prompt this sort of a breath during practice, are many of the same reasons these breaths happen spontaneously in everyday life. Sighing, or using a falling-out breath,... Read The Rest →

Beyond Curiosity – What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

~Written by Carol Capper MS, OTR/L, PRYT~ Often the question comes up from both PRYT students and practitioners – How do you invite prospective clients into this work?  How do you get them to understand what this work is about?  At some point there is need for more than a prepared 25 word “elevator” speech. I believe that there needs to be some sorting out of intention before finding an answer that can be meaningful and realizing that there is no one answer that fits everyone.  Yes, yet another way... Read The Rest →

Life with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

From my first yoga class I experienced the connection between my body and my emotions. The instructor was trained in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and she invited an attitude of acceptance of whatever I was experiencing. Years into my yoga practice I felt the calling to learn this skill, to teach others the value of self-acceptance and affirming ones own truth just as it is. Before Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Whoa! Life was hard! A constant up and down of looking for affirmation and approval from others, being tossed around by... Read The Rest →

10 Really Good Reasons It’s Time to See a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Do you believe that the mind and body are connected? Most people do these days. It makes sense that whatever happens to you physically affects you mentally/emotionally and vice versa. As Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapists, we are mind-body practitioners. By blending supported yoga poses/stretches with non-directed dialogue, the connection between what’s happening in your body is explored in relationship to your thoughts and emotions. To borrow a phrase from a Vancouver based yogi, Eoin Finn, “Our issues are in our tissues.” And let’s face it, we all have issues… it’s... Read The Rest →

Offering Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

What is it that you really offer in a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session or group experience? I mean, really, what is it?  What sets you apart in what you do or who you are?   Think about the process of knowing yourself that you had to pass through in order to arrive with certificate in hand ready to step out into the world, offering what you learned.  It is a rigorous learning path, and it certainly isn’t all about acquiring skills to share with your prospective clients.  No, because... Read The Rest →

Silence and Violence–a Yoga Therapy Perspective

Recently there was an abduction of a young, 17 year old lady in my community. It happened at the small shopping mall where I get my groceries, not far from my home. A man lured her out to the parking lot claiming car troubles, held a gun to her, had her drive to a remote location, and then physically assaulted her. I’m glad to report this young lady got away and the perpetrator was caught. Perhaps a relieving end to scary incident, but likely not without lasting emotional damage on... Read The Rest →

Defining Yoga Therapy

The Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel was recently overrun with thousands of Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists at the first Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research, created by The International Association of Yoga Therapists. I’m not sure the hotel will ever be the same! And perhaps we can say the same for the profession of Yoga therapy. As the number of Yoga therapy practitioners grows worldwide, as Yoga becomes more accessible to all individuals, and as data from research on Yoga’s effectiveness reaches mainstream health care providers, so grows the... Read The Rest →

The Revolution in Thinking on Health and Healing

A Conversation with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. and Michael Lee, M.A. On the way home from Dr. Christine Page’s weekend Level 1 program in Rhode Island which was attended buy some 114 health professionals covering a very broad range of occupations from medical practitioners to massage therapists, I begin to wonder. How come Christine’s new program was attracting so much interest. Certainly when we first decided to sponsor Christine’s work here in the United States, we knew she would be well relieved. After all she is a great and gifted teacher... Read The Rest →

The Couch or The Yoga Mat:
Yoga Therapy vs Psychotherapy

Can yoga take the place of a psychotherapy, particularly if engaging a body-mind modality like Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy? There seem to be many case studies and reports from clients that indicate a session on the yoga mat might well be more productive than hours on the couch. In the book “Beyond Talk Therapy – Using Movement and Expressive Techniques in Clinical Practice” (and published by the American Psychological Association), Michael Lee in his chapter on Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy cites two case studies. In one of the cases a... Read The Rest →

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