The Body’s Wisdom: Learning to Listen with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

As a practitioner of yoga vedanta for over a decade I have always been taught that I am not my body, and although I still believe this to be true, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has helped me discover that my body is wise beyond measure and is my greatest tool for self-discovery. Phoenix Rising is based in the belief that present moment experience is grounded in the felt-sense of the moment, and that the body is a resource for harnessing mindfulness, presence, and awareness – all skills required in the... Read The Rest →

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Meditation

The experience of training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy begins Sitting in a Circle.  This is where you delve into the experience of being with yourself while being with others – it’s how you first step into the journey of learning how to be be fully present.  The process requires developing and deepening a practice of yoga and meditation.   How does this translate into the skills needed to become a yoga therapist? Yoga and meditation form the foundational ground on which the building of skills and techniques is done.... Read The Rest →

The Edge in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

 I’ve always loved hiking. There’s something so fulfilling about accomplishing a long trek, especially when the destination lands you standing on a cliff edge or mountain peak; reaching that point where you can step no further and submit to doing nothing more than being present to the expanse before you. Perhaps this is why I was drawn to yoga, it’s similar in that I can take my body to places where I can explore an edge. Entering a pose, there is a point where my body naturally stops, where it... Read The Rest →

Yoga Therapy, Relationships, and Money!

Every morning  between six and seven-thirty you will find me out walking or jogging on quiet country back roads with my dog Lilly.  Some days I simply enjoy the quiet of the morning and my surroundings and as Lilly is deaf, I don’t have to talk much either.    On other days I listen to Audio books or Podcasts as I jog or walk.   I’ll share a few here that have inspired me recently. There are two areas of my life that I’ve been recently paying some extra attention... Read The Rest →

Checking In, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Style

It turns out that there’s a nail polish color called “Check Up.”  A lovely shade of pink and it ended up on my fingernails during a recent manicure/self-care appointment.  More interesting than the name was my mental activity around it. Checkup led me toward checking in, which lead me in the direction of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. I noticed my thoughts considering all aspects of self-care and the forms it can take. I try to take good care of all parts of myself. When I am practicing self–care on a... Read The Rest →

Road Trip to Now

Sometimes I forget how nice it is to receive. Recently I was in a training session where I got to receive a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy experience. The practitioner took me through a body scan where, from a relaxed standing position with eyes closed, you are guided from bottom to top (and various other ways) to notice what’s happening in your body. I have always found this to be a simple but profound Phoenix Rising technique as a way to check in with the body and become aware of mind-body-life... Read The Rest →

What is perfect?

My yoga client has finished his private Phoenix Rising yoga class. His eyes open wide and grinning from ear to ear he says, “That was perfect, just what I needed.”  After class and during the remainder of the day his words continue to resonate and land within me.  This concept of perfect is one that I have been looking at with increasing frequency and curiosity in all parts of my life. His words sound and feel important and I want to hang onto them. I am imagining that they have... Read The Rest →

In the Company of Others

For the most part, learning new skills is a pretty solitary experience.  Not that you are all by yourself in an isolated environment, but in the true experience of learning, you are on your own.  It’s an experience that often requires you to face yourself – discovering and appreciating both limits and strengths.  Add to this the motivation that drives you to take up a particular training or academic program and the intention around how it will support your future desires, and you have opened the door to energetic stresses... Read The Rest →

The Dilemma – and Promise – of Change

Maintaining status quo is easy, natural, like Newton’s Law:  a body in motion tends to stay in motion.   Change is more difficult.  Like trying to turn the Titanic away from the ice berg, the forces against change can be very strong, even immobilizing. The same is true of our lives.  Habit is easy.  We hardly have to think about doing something habitual and it is done, like turning on automatic pilot.  Sometimes things are so habitual we don’t even remember doing them and we note curiously after the fact that... Read The Rest →

Silence and Violence–a Yoga Therapy Perspective

Recently there was an abduction of a young, 17 year old lady in my community. It happened at the small shopping mall where I get my groceries, not far from my home. A man lured her out to the parking lot claiming car troubles, held a gun to her, had her drive to a remote location, and then physically assaulted her. I’m glad to report this young lady got away and the perpetrator was caught. Perhaps a relieving end to scary incident, but likely not without lasting emotional damage on... Read The Rest →

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